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The Changing Landscape of Foreign Travel & Returning to the UK

The latest chapter in this year’s Covid-19 nightmare continues with employers now having to deal with the ever-changing landscape of foreign travel and quarantine rules and the subsequent impact this is having on employees and the business.  The Government is asking employers to be understanding in situations where employees are being asked to self-isolate on […]

Travelling to Cuba? Sigue leyendo…

One of the many unique features about high net worth home insurance is the ability to extend cover to include annual travel insurance for you and your family on a worldwide basis. However, what is meant by the term ‘worldwide’? Most would naturally make the assumption that it means cover is provided throughout the world […]

Business travel – getting riskier by the minute!

Is it only me but every time I turn on the t.v. or listen to the radio there seems to be another international crisis emerging somewhere in the world. Civil unrest military conflict and now deadly diseases are seemingly common place and it’s making life difficult for the business traveller. Most businesses are sensible and […]

Can We Deliver A Case Of Fine Wine To Your Door?

Ever wondered if there was an easier solution to sorting out all your personal insurances? Are you fed up with: Lots of different renewal dates for your household, cars, holiday homes, travel etc Not really knowing what you’re covered for! Speaking to a different person each time you phone the broker/insurer How time consuming it […]

Travel Insurance: You Get What You Pay For!

As we gradually claw our way out of this most recent ice age one’s mind naturally drifts towards the idea of a well earned holiday. When doing this travel insurance often remains on the periphery of the mind as we lose ourselves in the where’s, who’s and what-to-do’s of planning a break. Travel insurance isn’t […]