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To flood or not to flood…

Insurers are in the business of “risk transfer”. Put simply, having identified a risk, such as a flood, businesses and private individuals may transfer that risk by paying a premium to an insurer.  In principle, for a risk to be insurable it must be accidental and fortuitous in nature. Events that are deliberate or inevitable […]

Cyber Insurance – what is it?

“We don’t need that. It’ll never happen to us. We’ve got great controls!’’ Many businesses are unaware that they are inadequately insured in respect of a data breach. Cyber insurance can play an essential part in helping a company with the costs that occur when dealing with a data breach. These costs can include: Loss […]

Who’s dibbing in to your bank account?

Think your company bank account is safe and secure? Think again! Businesses have traditionally protected their balance sheet by insuring assets, earnings and liabilities. Traditionally assets have comprised of buildings, machinery, fixtures/fittings, stock and work in progress, i.e. tangible assets. These are insured against contingencies such as fire, storm, flood, burglary etc. During recent months […]

Make like a computer and get with the programme.

In today’s world where we are so reliant on our IT, can your business manage without its computers or smart phones? Traditionally computers and electronic equipment have been covered under your standard combined policy, however insurance markets have changed and you can usually get wider cover at a more competitive price if you place the cover […]

Solicitors: Beware the Lender Panel Request for Policy Documents

As the dust settles on the PII renewal season it is now the time of year when many solicitors are submitting various re/applications for the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, Practicing Certificates and also Lender Panels. We will assist where-ever we can in supplying Confirmed Claims Experiences, Certificates of Qualifying Insurance and general “confirmation of cover” letters […]

So you’re a company director. Remind me…Where does the buck stop?

So you’re a director! You’ve got the keys to the executive loos and staff wave palm fronds in your wake as as you walk through the office……….. Then you wake-up as your alarm goes off and it suddenly dawns on you that being a company director carries a whole burden of responsibility. And now the buck might […]

Electronic Cigarettes – it’s all in the policy

Currently electronic cigarettes don’t contravene the 2007 no smoking ban and therefore can be used in the work place. The question is, “to ban or not to ban?” E-cigarettes, which are some times called e-cigs or vapour cigarettes, are becoming increasingly popular as they offer smokers a nicotine hit, without all the harmful effects of […]