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What makes the perfect induction for new employees?

With growing pressures on management time, I am often asked why it is important to induct new employees. Research demonstrates that there are many benefits to a well-managed induction process.  For employers these include reducing turnover, absenteeism and increasing employee commitment and job satisfaction. For employees, starting a new role in an organisation can be […]

“Management” Liability

In the past, you may have heard us talk about Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, often referred to as D&O. D&O policies offer financial protection to directors and officers of companies against claims made against them in their personal capacity as directors or officers of a company. “Officer” is an unusual term but it refers […]

InterAktive: working with machinery

Managing the inspections and maintenance of key machinery and systems can be both time consuming and logistically hard. However failure of key machinery in businesses can lead to huge losses in valuable income, and deteriorating machinery can be dangerous for employees. In order to make sure that all your equipment is maintained to a suitable […]

Poor fire safety management standards exposed

Recent figures published by the Country’s fire and rescue authorities show that more than a third of non-residential premises were not fully compliant with the applicable legislation (Fire Safety Order 2005). The worst performers were licenced premises where only 52% of the 8,200 premises audited satisfactorily.  In addition, 30% of all offices, 29% of factories […]

The five essential elements of driver risk management

Most businesses require some of their staff to drive on company business, whether it’s driving their own cars, leased vehicles, HGV’s, vans, etc.  Asking for a ‘full clean driving licence’ as part of the job description is not a sure fire way to complying with the law, or your duty of care.  ProAktive has a […]

Composite Panels

Composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are a popular construction material consisting of an insulation core sandwiched between two metal or plastic facings. They are used extensively for external walls, internal structures and roof construction within a variety of industries.  They are prevalent in the food industry due to their thermal characteristics and ease […]