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Do you know your Vishing from your Phishing?

In the week when a PII insurer declined to indemnify  a £700,000 loss of client money, (and made national headlines http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34432596), the whole question of just how robust your insurance programme is came sharply into focus. Do your PII, Cyber and Crime policies dovetail? Do you have Cyber and Crime policies? Moreover, how do you […]


Frauds involving collusion between employees and suppliers have been around for decades and will no doubt continue. However, over recent months we have noticed an increase in “Payment Diversion” and “Fake President/Fake Director” frauds. Payment diversion Fraud This is a simple fraud committed by a third party targeting a company’s accounts/finance function and entails a […]

Identity fraud: passport theft

Many years ago a British man named Brian was holidaying in Germany. He was having a fantastic time until he reached into his bag to find his passport had vanished.  While the situation was distressing at the time, Brian eventually sorted things out. He moved on and forgot all about the illusive passport. Ten years […]