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ProAktive Flood Management for Sheffield’s Lower Don Valley

ProAktive’s Broking Director, Beverley Brown, has been working on a unique project in conjunction with the Sheffield Chamber, Sheffield City Council and Local Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) to make insurers aware of the work that has gone on in the Sheffield Lower Don Valley over the last few years to protect businesses from flooding. Nearly […]

To flood or not to flood…

Insurers are in the business of “risk transfer”. Put simply, having identified a risk, such as a flood, businesses and private individuals may transfer that risk by paying a premium to an insurer.  In principle, for a risk to be insurable it must be accidental and fortuitous in nature. Events that are deliberate or inevitable […]

Flood Re – the facts

For all of you homeowners out there that has heard the term ‘Flood Re’ but not really sure what it’s all about , whether you’re eligible and whether it will have an impact on your premium, here are the facts. Flood Re has been set up to help households who live in flood risk areas […]

Practical Flood Advice

In recent weeks parts of the South and West Country have been blighted by a natural disaster. It’s a topic people hardly need reminding of, as daily bulletins report on the increasingly widespread damage and disruption that floods have wrought on unfortunate homeowners. If such a situation has a bright side it would lay in […]

Preventing the Great Escape

Here is a weather forecast – the winter monster has once again risen from its slumber to terrorize us as punishment for enjoying a (fairly) decent summer. From snow, sleet, frost and just the sheer cold – all are potentially harmful side effects that the winter golem will wreak on your property. The biggest of […]