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Directors & Officers: Navigating the landscape

My hot take: Company Director = Circus Performer. Not seriously of course, but it does involve a juggling act with various roles and responsibilities serving as flaming pins. There is a tightrope to walk. Fortunately, insurance can provide some measure of comfort and protection to anyone occupying this role, and indeed, I write on the […]

“Management” Liability

In the past, you may have heard us talk about Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, often referred to as D&O. D&O policies offer financial protection to directors and officers of companies against claims made against them in their personal capacity as directors or officers of a company. “Officer” is an unusual term but it refers […]

So you’re a company director. Remind me…Where does the buck stop?

So you’re a director! You’ve got the keys to the executive loos and staff wave palm fronds in your wake as as you walk through the office……….. Then you wake-up as your alarm goes off and it suddenly dawns on you that being a company director carries a whole burden of responsibility. And now the buck might […]