Monthly Archives: January 2018

Here today, gone tomorrow?

The quality and security of insurers is a hot topic currently in the insurance world. In recent years we have seen both Gable and Enterprise leave the UK market leaving a trail of destruction behind them. When an insurer goes into liquidation not only do policy holders potentially lose the policy which they’ve paid for […]

Employment Tribunal Decisions Update

1) Successful outcome for Unison’s challenge of Employment tribunal fees The decision to quash tribunal fees, which were first introduced by the Government in 2013, is deemed to be one of the most important court decisions of 2017. The Supreme Court judges voted unanimously that the employment tribunal fees system was unlawful and that the […]

Are you putting your shift workers at risk?

We live in demanding times. Your customers are increasingly used to next day delivery or short lead times, and lets be honest – they don’t care about how you get your service to them. They just want it now! This has increasingly resulted in employers implementing shift systems to increase capacity. This is nothing new, […]


We are sad to announce the death of Tony Smith on Tuesday 9th January. Tony joined Barry Atkinson in 1975 to form Atkinson Smith Ltd and from this acorn the business grew to become the ProAktive we all know today. Having worked in the business for over 20 years, Tony retired in the late 1990’s […]