Monthly Archives: October 2016

Changes in Insurance Premium Tax

Insurance Premium Tax(IPT) was first introduced in 1994: it’s an indirect tax applied by the government on all general insurance premiums.  Unlike VAT, companies are not able to claim this back from the HMRC. In recent years insurance premiums have, on the whole, been falling, which has resulted in a reduction of income for the Exchequer.  […]

Managing contractors and the risks they create.

Using contractors is so commonplace that many businesses will appoint and pay contractors with minimal thought going into the process. It’s also safe to say that the decision to hire a contractor is often based on the price of the quotation, location of the contractor and recommendations from contacts. All of these are acceptable factors […]

“Are your staff insured correctly?”

Driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do. Research indicates that over 100 people are killed or seriously injured every week in crashes involving someone who is driving for work purposes. As employers, you owe the same duty of care under Health & Safety Law to your staff that drive their own […]

Health & Safety Legislation Update

2016 has seen some big changes in the world of health and safety. The new sentencing guidelines were introduced, we’ve watched health continue to move up the agenda across the profession, including the introduction of the HSE’s Helping Great Britain Work Well Strategy, and following June’s referendum the profession has been left second-guessing the impact […]