Monthly Archives: September 2015

Are you doing enough to protect your employees from Asbestos?

There have been a number of prosecutions recently of companies who have failed to protect their employees from being exposed to asbestos. Most prosecutions occur where companies have failed to consider the possibility of asbestos or have continued to work without adequate measures in place after asbestos has been disturbed. In these cases it will […]

Business Interruption – Will your lead time lead you into trouble?

On the face of it, your Business Interruption cover is simple – if you can’t trade as a result of damage, your insurance policy will protect you against the loss of income or profit (subject, of course, to the conditions and exclusions of your insurer!). The policy will indemnify you until your business is back […]

Work Place Equipment Guarding

Crushed digits, lacerated body parts, fractured bones and even death. These are the type of horrific injuries that occur every day in UK workplaces. In fact there are around a dozen deaths and 40,000 injuries each year. What is the cause of these injuries? Mechanical equipment without adequate guarding, maintenance, safe systems of work & people […]

Do your Insurers really know what you do?

“Why on earth do Insurers want so much information about my business? We’re Ground Workers, surely they know what that means!?” In reality, most insurance underwriters have never been near a construction site and don’t understand what goes on behind that Heras fencing. Underwriters are also able to rely upon the fact that the policy […]