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Internet Explorer’s Use-after-free Vulnerability

Just a couple of weeks after news about the Heartbleed bug wreaked havoc in the Internet security world, another serious vulnerability has been discovered, this time affecting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). This particular flaw is a ‘use-after-free’ vulnerability, allowing hackers to inject malware into certain websites and then trick users into visiting those websites through spam emails […]

Fatality & injury rate increase expected as UK economic prospects improve.

Over the last few years the number of work related accidents has been falling, which is of course good news.  But is that solely due to the improved management and compliance with health and safety requirements, or just the rate of accidents has reduced due to lower employment levels and economic recession?  Recently the HSE […]

Driving at work policies

When an employee commits a serious traffic offence while driving for work, the HSE may conduct an investigation to determine whether the employee’s workplace somehow contributed to the collision. One of the first things the HSE will evaluate is the business’ driving at work or fleet safety policy, which lists company rules related to employees […]

Environmental Impairment Liability

Within the quarrying and mineral processing industry the need to consider environmental impairment is greater than most. Throughout the United Kingdom, country-specific regulations have been introduced to comply with EU directives concerning environmental damage. These regulations implement a ‘polluter pays’ principle, meaning that businesses must take precautionary measures to prevent environmental damage and take remedial […]

What you need to know about the Heartbleed Bug

Making waves in the Internet security community is the discovery of the Heartbleed bug, a serious vulnerability that allows hackers to steal personal information that is normally protected by OpenSSL encryption. OpenSSL provides security for Web applications, email, instant messaging and some virtual private networks. According to Internet security services provider Netcraft, about half a […]

Pay the national minimum wage or risk incurring higher fines

On 22 March 2014 the government announced it will increase the national minimum wage (NMW) to £6.50 an hour in October 2014. Employers must comply with the increase or risk incurring heftier fines as part of the government’s crackdown on rogue employers that pay workers with wages below the NMW.  In the past, employers that […]

2009 health and safety poster and leaflet now required

QUICK FACTS: In 2009, the health and safety law posters, leaflets and pocket cards were redesigned to be more readable and engaging. From 5 April 2014, employers in Great Britain must use the 2009 versions (15 June for Northern Ireland employers) The posters and leaflets are available on the HSE website in different sizes From 5 April 2014, […]

Employment update – early conciliation

Early conciliation is a new mandatory procedure for all employment tribunal claims being launched by ACAS, effective from 6 April 2014. Anyone thinking about making an employment tribunal claim will need to contact ACAS in the first instance ACAS will explore whether early resolution/settlement of the complaint is possible before a claim is submitted to […]