Monthly Archives: February 2014

10 years of inspirational lighting design

Brilliant Lighting has been delivering inspirational lighting design for 10 years. We’ve worked on an incredible variety of projects; stately homes, wonderful barns and striking new builds and we’ve worked for several ProAktive clients. Founded by City consultants, Melanie and Iain Shaw in 2004, Brilliant has grown from a spare bedroom start-up into a nationally […]

Amber assets

Recent years have bore witness to an attitude shift in the mind of the single malt connoisseur. While revered by most for its tangible effects – the amber elixir is increasingly being recognised for the golden opportunity it is not in terms of taste, but in its capacity as an investment.  As an alternative investment, […]

Practical Flood Advice

In recent weeks parts of the South and West Country have been blighted by a natural disaster. It’s a topic people hardly need reminding of, as daily bulletins report on the increasingly widespread damage and disruption that floods have wrought on unfortunate homeowners. If such a situation has a bright side it would lay in […]

Identity fraud: passport theft

Many years ago a British man named Brian was holidaying in Germany. He was having a fantastic time until he reached into his bag to find his passport had vanished.  While the situation was distressing at the time, Brian eventually sorted things out. He moved on and forgot all about the illusive passport. Ten years […]

Love is in the air

  Statistics from People Management released by the CIPD suggests that 90% of employees have been sexually attracted to a colleague at work, 54% of people surveyed had taken it further and had sex with a colleague and 49% had “got romantic” at work! However what action can you take if you catch some one, […]

An engaging history…

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people choose this time to propose and some clients may have additional diamonds on their fingers. Have you ever wondered how the whole tradition of engagement rings began? Our use of rings, goes back as far as the Stone Age and Egyptian remains have been discovered with silver and […]

“Let your advance worrying become your advance planning”

For many employers it is tempting to let business continuity planning take a back seat to more pressing day-to-day concerns. But this strategy focuses too much on the present and does not take your business’ future into account. Unexpected issues can arise at any time, which is precisely why all businesses need an extensive business […]