Monthly Archives: August 2013

NHS Employment Ban On HIV Positive Employees Ends

It has been decided that the NHS will no longer ban HIV positive health care professionals from undertaking medical activities on patients.   The 20 year old rule banning them from being employed has been described as “outdated” and the risk they carry as “negligible”.  This change will now allow HIV positive Health care professionals […]

Increase of Injuries For Food & Beverage Manufacturers

There have been numerous reports in the press of injuries to employees following incidents involving un-guarded machinery. Only last month, The Brothers Drinks Company was fined £23,000 in costs and fines after an employee caught his arm in a live machine and suffered a life threatening injury. Sadly, this is not a one-off occurrence. The […]

Come Fly With Me

From the dawn of man we have always had a fascination with flying. During the last century it is something we managed to achieve with great success courtesy of the Wright Brothers endeavours. However, without the proper planning, training, equipment and knowledge it is something which should not be undertaken as the consequences could be […]

Composite Panels

Composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are a popular construction material consisting of an insulation core sandwiched between two metal or plastic facings. They are used extensively for external walls, internal structures and roof construction within a variety of industries.  They are prevalent in the food industry due to their thermal characteristics and ease […]

Justice May Be Blind, But She Has Very Sophisticated Listening Devices

You may not have heard of it but the Ministry of Justice is implementing changes to the way Employers and Public Liability claims are being reported within England and Wales. The aim of the reforms is to bring more balance to the civil litigation system by making lawyer’s costs proportionate and combating the compensation culture. […]