Specialist Engineering & Manufacturing:

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At ProAktive we care enough to understand your business.

At the heart of our philosophy is the principle that “those who claim less pay less” so we work with you to create the strategies , systems and the culture that help reduce incidents which inevitably leads to lower, sustainable insurance costs.  This more sophisticated and collaborative approach is supported by Insurers as they understand the value of accident prevention and also realise that we will be well placed to help you defend spurious and exaggerated claims.

We can also provide complimentary services including HR support and the management and implementation of employee benefits packages designed to help you recruit and retain the best employees.

Our sector specialism means we can also help with a wide range of other issues ranging from the protection of your intellectual property, through to supply chain risk exposures and credit risks.

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The Engineering and Manufacturing sectors seem to be poised to lead UK plc into a new era of production led growth.  The nation is starting to recognise that the innovation, production capability and the ability of  the sector  to add value means that the Industry has a major part to play in driving our economy forward.

At ProAktive we have a clear understanding of your sector and can provide you with integrated Insurance and Risk Management solutions which help you manage your business risks - freeing you to do what you do best.