Mineral Processing:

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At ProAktive we take a different approach.

Quite simply, we say those who claim less, pay less. And thus we put Risk Management at the heart of everything we do.

What does this mean in practice? -  In our experience – those in the minerals processing sector have by necessity, detailed health & safety documentation and procedures in place. Whilst all Insurers demand such policy and procedure, mere “compliance” is not enough. Our more sophisticated Insurers focus their attention on strategy and culture.  Robust policy and procedure are essential ingredients in the deference of spurious claims but good risk management strategies, resulting in changing behaviours for instance, are truly effective in actual accident prevention....and thus lower premiums.

At ProAktive we recognise that every client is different. We work with clients to promote excellence in risk management.  Clients who differentiate themselves in this way, become an attractive proposition to those sophisticated Insurers who understand the real nature of risk.  Insurers who are prepared to mirror that differentiation in lower premiums and collaborative approaches to risk management become part of an essential triangle of insured, insurer and broker that is a key feature of successful long term relationships where premiums are both competitive and stable.

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Minerals processing is a challenging environment for clients and Insurers alike. Complying with onerous regulation is a challenge and whilst regulators may have succeeded in driving safety standards forward, many Insurers remain fearful of the consequences that a serious accident at work can bring.

Arranging the right Insurance cover at premium levels that are both competitive and sustainable is a process that requires a proactive approach.  The traditional approach, adopted by so many Insurance Brokers, often results in premium levels that fluctuate because of supply and demand in the insurance market or more worrying, because of claims.