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Our Philosophy is “Those who claim less, pay less”.

With ever increasing costs in this sector, the only way to keep your insurance costs under control is to take a ‘’ProAktive’’ approach to managing your risks.

We have extensive experience in this industry and believe that if claims are managed effectively, it keeps you in the position of being able to choose your insurer and control your premiums.

Our ‘’ProAktive’’ approach includes:

Policy Management & Claims

  • Regular Claims Reviews
  • Claims Analysis
  • Regular Service Calls
  • Use of our "InterAktive" Insurance Portal - Remote access to policy & claims data
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery Services

Health & Safety/Fleet Risk Management

  • Driver Handbooks
  • Risks Assessments
  • Driver Training
  • Licence Checks
  • Driver Assessments
  • FORS Preparation

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Our business is constantly evolving to meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers in all aspects of freight movement, haulage, warehousing and distribution with specialist services.

It is essential for us to deal with Insurance Brokers who understand our world and who can quickly put cover solutions in place to deal with our changing world. ProAktive have provided these solutions for us for over 15 years. Their InterAktive Risk Management system helps us both maintain safety and quality and helps us to communicate our often complex trading conditions to our customers. And when, occasionally, things do go wrong, they move quickly to ensure that any disruption to our customers is minimised, leaving us able to continue to offer great service and customer satisfaction.

Harvey Walker, Fleet Admin Manager, Newell & Wright Group