What is InterAktive?

InterAktive is a cost effective, secure, online management system, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and only by those users who have been given permission. This easy to use system simplifies the management of essential areas of your business.

Currently existing clients are using it to manage areas such as:

• Health and Safety
• Human Resources
• Fleet Risk Management
• Property Management
• Incident and Accident Reporting
• Company Administration
• Sub Contractor Management

InterAktive provides numerous benefits to our clients including saving time and money, reducing stress, and significantly improving compliance and efficiency. The InterAktive system is capable of being shaped to match your business needs, evolving alongside your business which frees you to do what you do best.

Your Team:



Here are some comments received from clients…

  • "A system can only work well if it is supported by a quality team and the people at InterAktive could not have been more helpful in making sure that InterAktive worked for us. Their response rate has been impressive."


  • "I would recommend InterAktive to any business that is looking for a system which will de-clutter the administration of business."