Lifetime Financial Plan:

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Lifetime Financial Plan

This time next year...

What’s on your mind when you think of the future? Well, it was never far from Del Trotters mind when he said, “this time next year Rodders we’ll be millionaires!” It is true for many of us that our worries and dreams are financially dependent.

Cash flow modelling gives us the ability to glimpse into our financial future. If we don’t like what we see it gives us the information to take much better courses of action.

The sophisticated system can  run through different scenarios to cover as many “what ifs” as you can think of. For Del, when he’s dreaming of the millions, he could work out how much Inheritance Tax Damion would have to pay! Or even a scenario calculating the financial effect of Long Term Care for Uncle Albert.

At ProAktive, we use the Voyant cash flow modelling system as we believe it the best and most encompassing system on the market. We would be delighted to demonstrate the system to you, so that you can start to plan and be free from the worries, moving closer to your dreams.