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ProAktive people: "Freeing you to do what you do best"

Freeing you to do what you do best. This is our purpose. The reason why ProAktive exists. This is what we do for our clients, our suppliers and most importantly; our staff

When you join ProAktive you embark on a voyage of discovery. Discovery of what you do best.


We have a definition of ProAktive;

Caring enough to want to understand each other, in order to create positive development in the knowledge that, when it is done well, everyone will be rewarded accordingly.

And to have fun doing it.

From this definition we have derived our brand values;We apply these values to our relationship with our clients, our suppliers and, of course, our staff.

  • Caring
  • Understanding
  • Developing
  • Rewarding
  • Enjoying

At ProAktive we care about our staff and go to great lengths to understand the talents, motivations and aspirations of each person. When we do this successfully we are able to develop those attributes and provide an exciting and fulfilling career that brings rewards to both the individual and the Group.

And we have fun doing it.


ProAktive has a wide range of services and each service needs people with different skills. The ProAktive approach is to find people who want to be successful and happy at what they do in the workplace, and also those who may wish to progress through the organisation, introduce them to each service offering and to discover what they find most interesting. Whilst doing this we unearth their strengths and eventually discover what they do best.

This approach has produced many of our most effective people and is one where everyone is rewarded accordingly.


If you are an intelligent, hard working person who enjoys shared goals and mutual success, there is a career opportunity for you at ProAktive.

Any questions?

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