Why your business should manage incidents

Updated statistics from the HSE show that on average there are 558,000 days lost every year in the construction industry from accidents or workplace illness. Broken down by amount of workers this equates to 3 days every year for every 10 people you employ.

Engineer or architect feeling lower back painThis may not seem like much, but working days lost through accidents and workplace illness can result in deadlines not being met, or the requirement for additional workforce, leading to greater costs. These are all extra headaches on top of the potential injury claim that might arise from your employee; if it is proven that you have failed to provide sufficient duty of care for that employee.

So all things considered, are you effectively managing your incidents and accidents?

Ideally all incidents and near misses should be recorded as this allows you to pick up on trends and put risk management solutions in place to prevent these from becoming accidents. The sort of trends you can pick up on include unsafe pieces of equipment, whether certain employees may require refresher training or if certain areas of the site are prone be a trip/fall hazard.

Overall the idea behind managing incidents is to keep your employees safe, lessen the impacts caused by accidents on the business and help to defend any claims that may arise from unfortunate accidents.

To speak to us about incident management or to enquire about InterAktive, our incident management solution, call the InterAktive team on 01302 346 825.

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