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Mental Health Awareness and Employment – STRESS

This year Mental Health Awareness week is from the 14th to 20th May and is focusing on Stress. It therefore seems relevant to discuss Stress from the employers point of view and how this ties into the definition of a disability and discrimination. Firstly when it comes to employment, the term disabled or defining someone […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

Work-related stress and anxiety are estimated to be the second biggest occupational health problem in the UK and the government has now recognised the importance of mental health with Theresa May saying that “as a society we must face up to the fact mental health problems are everyone’s problem.” This includes employers. If your employees […]

Staggering Accident Statistics for Manufacturers

Recent statistics show that on average, each year, employees at UK manufacturers suffer 80,000 work-related illnesses and 70,000 non-fatal workplace injuries, leading to over 2.4 million lost working days. In the last 5 years there have also been around 110 fatalities within this sector. Of course one of the major issues facing businesses has been […]

Why having an up to date Employee Handbook in place should be important to businesses.

An Employee Handbook can play an important part in the operation of a business, as one of its main functions is to set down rules within which staff should operate. Handbooks are intended to shape employees’ behaviour to help improve conduct in the workplace and ensure consistency in dealing with issues. A handbook can also […]

Banning e-cigarettes in the workplace

Starbucks has joined the list of organisations, which have outlawed the use of e-cigarettes on their premises. Employers thinking of doing the same in their own workplaces need to consider a range of factors, including the prospect of some of these products eventually being regulated as medicines. Health report E-cigarette manufacturers promote the idea that […]