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How To Protect Your Business During The Winter Months

We’re now waking up to more frosty mornings, icy pavements and the first snowfalls. As winter sets in employers need to be aware that workers who are exposed to cold, wet or icy conditions may be at risk of sustaining injuries or becoming ill. To protect your business from potential incidents & subsequent compensation claims […]

Don’t make heavy ‘weather’ of health & safety

The ‘weather bomb’ – or for the technically minded out there, a ‘cyclogenesis’ – has brought strong winds to a large part of the country.  Whilst many of the newspapers have got really overexcited about this, most people and premises have not suffered any ill effects. However, as Winter takes a grip, the risk of […]

Winter Motoring Tips – our guide to not getting caught out.

As we are bound to be hit with bad weather this season, our claims manager, Ian Stephenson, has put together a brief but helpful guide to getting drivers through the Winter months. Safely. Think like a cub scout…”be prepared.”  You need to take extra care when driving in Winter. Whether a short trip or a […]

Preventing the Great Escape

Here is a weather forecast – the winter monster has once again risen from its slumber to terrorize us as punishment for enjoying a (fairly) decent summer. From snow, sleet, frost and just the sheer cold – all are potentially harmful side effects that the winter golem will wreak on your property. The biggest of […]