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Voluntary Overtime and Holiday Implications

Earlier this month the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) heard a case that will affect thousands of employers when it comes to calculating holiday pay. The case in question was: Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts (and others) 56 employees brought a joint claim against the council in respect of voluntary overtime not being included in […]

How To Protect Your Business During The Winter Months

We’re now waking up to more frosty mornings, icy pavements and the first snowfalls. As winter sets in employers need to be aware that workers who are exposed to cold, wet or icy conditions may be at risk of sustaining injuries or becoming ill. To protect your business from potential incidents & subsequent compensation claims […]

Occupational Road Safety

Both businesses and individuals put themselves at risk of enforcement action and prosecution by not addressing the issue of occupational road safety. In 2008 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) changed its enforcement policy. As a result, if they investigate an accident or incident they will consider the entire management chain of the organisation, and […]

The cost of exiting staff set to increase under new government consultation

The Government is consulting on “simplifying” the tax treatment of termination payments. A consultation by the Office for Tax Simplification in October suggested that all termination payments should be taxable (with some limited exemptions). Currently non-contractual termination payments under £30,000 in certain situations, such as where a termination payment is paid as compensation for damages […]